SPACE STUDIO 25 is a creative architecture and interior design studio based in Sacramento, CA.  We take pride in offering clients custom design + consultation for residential and commercial projects that celebrate beauty, function, and compliments our client's needs.

Founded by husband and wife team, Tracey and Pablo Zavala, SPACE STUDIO 25 believes that thoughtful design matters. We are passionate about creating experiences and spaces that enhance human connections and celebrates the positive impact of design. 

It is our belief that every project is an opportunity for transformation and impact. From home renovation to office building to curated art, we honor collaboration from all involved in a project, believing that each individual carries with them a valuable perspective and role during the design process. 

Curiosity and exploration are the essence and driving force in our work. We embrace research as part of our design process and get excited about the possibilities of what can be created. It is this process that helps us generate fresh and unique ideas. 


General Inquiries or Interested in a Design Project?
phone: 937.308.8452
Sacramento, CA

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